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Our Program

450 hours of health and movement sciences woven together with practical, program design, and business skills are offered within seven courses in our diploma program. The content is comprehensive and designed to help our students stand out in the fitness industry.


Our Facility

Our instruction takes place in a facility of nearly 6,000 square feet and includes both a classroom and our own private gym space. The gym is home to all of the professional equipment needed to prepare personal trainers for any workplace environment from athletics to clinical settings.


Our Staff

Our students are in great hands with the director, instructors, and administrative staff of NPTI Oregon. Passion, experience, and professionalism are hallmarks of those who help guide our students toward accomplishing their career goals in the fitness industry.


Your Career

Meaningful work in a growing industry is an enviable possession, but that is exactly what you can have as a NPTI Certified Personal Trainer. Both statistics and the experience of others who have gone before you can help you decide if becoming a personal trainer is right for you.


1-Day Class

Are you thinking of starting with NPTI but first would like a taste of what study will be like? Try our free 1-Day class where you can sit-in with current students and get a taste of the program experience.


“NPTI Oregon has been an immensely enriching experience, providing me with a platform for personal growth, a foundation for finding and developing my passions, and a well-rounded and holistic education overall for steering my future career pursuits.

The overlapping student body (half new students, half “old” students) is an ingenious design that allows newcomers to be trained and “taught” by returning students and then, in turn, to do the same themselves. That system, along with an extensive combination of classroom, text book, hands-on practical work, and supplemental readings and videos, provides an amazing opportunity for in-depth learning. The NPTI Oregon experience has been inspirational, transformative, and enlightening and it has my highest recommendation!”


Animal Athletics — NPTI GRADUATE 2012 




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