450-Hour Diploma Program

Program Description

The Personal Trainer Program at NPTI is licensed by the State of Oregon’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission. A private, post-secondary school, NPTI offers courses leading to a diploma in Personal Training.

Through a robust course load, including 240 hours of theory and 210 hours of practical study, our graduates are prepared and certified for employment as personal trainers or fitness professionals in other capacities. The NPTI Diploma is recognized throughout the U.S. as being one of the most reputable certifications a personal trainer can have.

What Sets Us Apart

Although a diploma from NPTI is all you need to be equipped and employable as a personal trainer, we don’t stop there.

The program at NPTI is constructed to include education and training in several additional fitness areas which can lead to even more certifications for our students when they graduate. As one of the biggest educational partners of the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM), NPTI has incorporated portions of the NASM curriculum into ours so that as students work toward their NPTI diplomas, they are also being prepared to sit for the NASM personal trainer certification exam. Many of our graduates go on to pass that exam and go into the workplace with not one, but two personal trainer certifications.

In addition, our curriculum provides so much education in the area of nutrition that our graduates also receive a Certificate of Basic Nutrition to add to their resumé.

Even more, we provide coursework in two areas of specialized training which other certifying bodies accept as continuing education units (CEUs.) At NPTI, Sling Training and Kettlebell Training are provided as part of our core curriculum, thus adding another layer of preparedness to our graduates that is simply lacking in most other newly certified personal trainers.

Last but not least, no trainer is employable without a current First Aid/CPR/AED certification. We wouldn’t let you out the door without providing this most fundamental component of a trainer’s qualifications.

Enrollment Options

Full-time (22 weeks = Two, 11-week terms)

Monday-Thursday 9:30-2:30 for 2 terms

Part-time (44 weeks = Four, 11-week terms)

Mon/Wed 9:30-2:30 for 2 terms

Tue/Th 9:30-2:30 for 2 terms