NPTI Campus


NPTI Oregon calls Beaverton, Oregon home.

Our facility is in the heart of a fitness town.

NPTI resides in a prime location, close to fitness apparel giant, Nike, and within minutes of several gyms, exercise studios, amateur and professional athletic facilities, and clinical wellness centers.

These are all potential employers. You couldn’t be in a better place to transition from your education at NPTI into a career in the fitness industry.

Employers literally recruit our graduates right out of school.

The administrative office, classroom, and gym space are located at:

9610 SW Sunshine Ct. Suites #300 & #400 Beaverton, OR 97005 in the Quad 217 Complex.

Alumni Spotlight-200.png

“I completed my NASM through NPTI Oregon. The course curriculum included both theory and practical application which gave me the confidence to become a Personal Trainer. NPTI Oregon provided exposure to the best in the industry and helped me build connections. It is truly a place to learn and a chance to grow! NPTI has excellent instructors who are sound in knowledge and is equipped with the best gym to help students get more practical experience.”




Classroom & Office

In its own suite, our classroom is where the theory of personal training is taught. Using a skeletal model, textbooks, wall charts, multi-media presentations, and guest speakers, our instructors lecture and demonstrate the fundamentals of personal training.

During a student’s time at NPTI, at least 240 hours are spent in this comfortable, light-infused space. Listening, discussing, working on projects, trading ideas, studying important concepts, and becoming part of a close-knit family are just some of the things that happen here.

Our director’s office is en-suite and is always open to students during school hours. As a regular presence at the school, the director can attest to the fun and friendly atmosphere of our classroom, as well as to the meaningful conversations and serious learning that takes place there.



As a student desiring to become a personal trainer, you are probably most interested in the gym.

Right next door to the classroom, the school has its own 4300 square-foot private gym. The gym area has a bathroom, changing rooms, and lounge area in addition to all of the latest equipment that a personal trainer could want.

The 200 hours of hands-on, practical learning that are required of our graduates take place here. A sampling of the equipment that is used in the practical curriculum includes:

  • Row machines and spin bikes

  • Hammer Strength Equipment

  • Keiser Equipment

  • Cable Machines

  • Rogue Rack

  • And much more

So, whether you see yourself working with bodybuilders, professional athletes, youth or elderly, overweight population, rehabilitating population, or anyone in between, you can be sure that our our gym is equipped with the space as well as the variety and quality of tools and machines necessary to prepare you for training in any context.


Visit Us!

If you want to see our facility in person, we would love to take you on a tour. Please contact our director to schedule a private tour or register for an open house.